News Sites Speech Code: Presentation and Personalization


  • Nataliia Akimova Kirovohrad Institute of State and Municipal Management, Ukraine



online news, online communication, Internet language, understanding, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, Internet linguistics.


The article is focused on how news site speech code elements are embodied by means of presentation and personalization. Among the main research methods are analysis and synthesis, descriptive text analysis, linguocultural and concept text analysis, modeling, method of semantic and pragmatic interpretations, contextual observation and comparative analysis are used. Definition of presentation and personalization are presented, examples of the most popular news sites of UKRNET (, and Runet (RosBusinessConsulting, RIA Novosti) are analyzed. Such problems are accented as how these features complicate news text understanding, what psychological and neurolinguistic difficulties they cause, what psycholinguistic mechanisms are involved in understanding process of these news announcements. Traditional communicative code is violated and the readers' consciousness is manipulated. The user unknowingly pays attention to these texts, he spontaneously remembers them and then uses as a cliché or a model in his speech. Verbal behavior changes, in their turn, lead to changes in thinking and understanding of reality. The research is carried out in the context of the theory of deviant speech units, achievements of modern linguistics, cognitive science, psychology and neuroscience.


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Nataliia Akimova, Kirovohrad Institute of State and Municipal Management, Ukraine



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Akimova, N. (2017). News Sites Speech Code: Presentation and Personalization. East European Journal of Psycholinguistics, 4(1), 8–16.



Vol 4 No 1 (2017)